EyeLock Myris - Not just beauty, now passwords too lie in the eyes of the beholder

The more digitized our lives become, the more important it has become to make sure that the machines don't make mistake in identifying the correct & authentic users. Though textual passwords have served that purpose for a long time now, they are no longer effective. Most sophisticated algorithms developed around the world have been able to crack passwords easily and in seconds. That's lead to the a necessity of developing newer, more sophisticated authentication mechanisms that are very hard to crack.


Thankfully, the answer lies in our own bodies. The part of our eyes, called 'Iris', is unique in every human and it can be used to uniquely identify individuals. Myris is the latest iris scanner that does the job of scanning your iris - and it does it really fast! This mouse-like device connects with your system via USB cord and captures a video of your eyes to analyse about 240 points on each iris. With the data it captures, myris generates 2048 bit digital signature for the user. Once this process is done; all you have to do to authenticate yourself is just look at the device.

Myris can help you securely login to all your social networks, email accounts and even the bank accounts if you prefer to. EyeLock, the company that makes myris in association with Voxx Electronics claims that the chances of a false match with Myris are 1 in 2 trillion!

Here's a video that shows Myris in action -

It's interesting to see how the electronics makers are relying on biometrics for authentication. Apple's iPhone 5S sports a fingerprint scanner and the rumours are already out that Samsung Galaxy S5 will have an iris scanner inbuilt, as an answer to Apple's biometric fingerprint scanner.

Do you think the future of passwords is in our eyes?


  • Chaitanya Kukde
    Chaitanya Kukde
    Honestly, I am not very much hopeful about this. IMO, it is just a matter of time before the security of this device is compromised. Hackers will get behind it using some or the other methods. Any authentication system cannot be made 100% foolproof. Only it's probability of breaking can be reduced to such a minimum level that it is not possible practically. For the proof on vulnerability of iris scanners, read this related article : Black Hat: Iris scanners 'can be tricked' by hackers - BBC News

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