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vishalhak • Dec 19, 2007

executing a batchfile on a remote computer

hi friends,
Can any one of you suggest me the procedure to access a computer that is on a local network.
Help would be greatly appreciated!!!!
LORD_EC • Dec 19, 2007
The topic and the content of the post are totally different.Whats your prime motive to execute a batch file or to access a computer on LAN ??
vishalhak • Dec 19, 2007
sorry for that mismatch.
actually I want to execute a batchfile on a remote computer sitting on my own computer.
Prasad Ajinkya
Prasad Ajinkya • Dec 20, 2007

Q1. Do you have access?
Q2. If you do? How is it through - a port? a program? a socket?
Q3. Do you have the right authorization as well?

If you are not bothered with the nitty-gritties and want a simple concept for a project or something, there are umpteen number of ways of doing this -

1) Create a java applet which will run on the remote machine, listening on a particular port. Create another java prog which will create a socket connection to this remote machine, then you can have a trigger from the client to the remote to execute a local command.

2) VNC 😀. Install a VNC server on the remote machine, and click your way to the remote command.

3) Remote Connection on windoze works the same way, I prefer VNC though.

4) Any web based appln, with some dynamic pages to authorize and execute commands on local disc should do

5) Event based triggers on MySQL5 wherein the server hosts the mysql app .. i know this is the most idiotic of the lot. but hey, it works!

Hope these help 😀

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