@evleaks Launches It India Twitter Handle

#-Link-Snipped-# has been one our trusted leakers who manages to deliver consistently. The Twitter handle manages to leak information about upcoming gadgets from various manufacturers, especially Nokia. Considering it immense popularity @evleaks also releases country specific handles and this time is the turn of India. #-Link-Snipped-# is the Twitter handle that shall deliver the leaked news in Hindi.


We are not particularly sure whether this will be beneficial since as of today it has just repeated the news found on the actual @evleaks handle. So can we expect any India specific leaks? Let’s wait and watch.


  • Ankita Katdare
    Ankita Katdare
    Sometimes it is very difficult to read Hindi on twitter. 😨
    Especially when they write English words in Hindi -> एटी एंड टी पर एचटीसी.
    and this ->
    एलजी D850 एटी एंड टी के लिए आ रहा है (D800 G2 था, D820 नेक्सस 5 था, और D830 जी प्रो 2 था).

    Will start following them though. Hoping for India-specific news leaks.
  • Dhananjay Harkare
    Dhananjay Harkare
    Most probably, @evleaks India will only have Aakash tablets to leak! 😛😘

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