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Events of ICODE sector in VJTI's TECHNOVANZA'13

Question asked by Mohit Deshpande in #Coffee Room on Dec 28, 2012
Mohit Deshpande
Mohit Deshpande · Dec 28, 2012
1. Ultimate Coder
Ever wondered to experience most challenging coding competition if so, prepare yourself for an exciting journey of wonderful coding world.
Be an Ultimate Coder by showing your smartness and concentration!!!

2. C-Way
C is such a powerful, dominant and supple language. C-way is an event which gives all c/c++ programmers a golden opportunity to showcase their coding skills .so test your c/c++ coding skills and have a pleasant experience to compete with other and be an Ultimate C Programmer!!!

3. Javaguru
If you are really excited to make your own app, to develope a software using an object-oriented language then this is the event where you can apply your java skills, compete with bests and be the Javaguru!!!

4.Code Swap
Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships. So, test your skills of Java and C along with your partner in Code Swap
event that involves lot of swapping and be Champions of coding world!!!

You must have definitely seen the Amazing race and liked it also. In Technovanza you will experience but in a different sort of way. It is a team event in which you have to locate the clues at different locations of the campus to unlock a hidden file and thus go to the next round. So get ready to enjoy the amazing coding race.

6.Crazy Coding
Use your C++ knowledge to solve a given problem. So get crazy and start coding!!!

7.Mission SQL
If you love working with databases then this is the event for you. Get ready to solve the problems with difficulty level increasing with each problem.

8.Code Magnet
All you coding lovers you are in sure for a treat. In this event you have to make a working java or c++ using the code snippets provided to you. So get set code!!!

For registrations and information visit www.technovanza.org !!! Posted in: #Coffee Room

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