ERWIN Is An Emotional Robot With Intelligent Network Developed By University of Lincoln

The next biggest challenge for robotics enthusiasts and researchers is to make robots more human-like. Taking a step forward in the direction Dr. John Murray, from the Computer Science Department in the University of Lincoln, UK has developed a new robot called ERWIN short for Emotional Robot With Intelligent Network. In his mission to study and understand how real-life like long-term relationships between robots and humans become possible, he has developed ERWIN. (How many of you of thought of the recently released movie 'HER' here?) Well, with this research, the scientists think that it will make us understand the formation of relationships by autistic children or the ones with attachment disorder.

As shared by the university in the press release, Mriganka Biswas, a PhD student at the University shares that humans have cognitive biases that make us what we are. With our errors and personality disorders, humans are characterised by a lot of things based on these cognitive biases. By introducing these in the robots, they are trying to make them more human like. This will make it possible for the robots to behave with a certain personality and help them develop relationships just as humans do. Their theory is based on the fact that since robots lack their own identifiable characteristics, they don't bond so well with humans. They are determined to change just that.


As seen in the picture above, ERWIN has the ability to express five basic emotions while interacting with a human. The research works on making the robots more sympathetic and emotive to its users. A companion robot needs to be friendly and have the ability to recognise users’ emotions and needs, and to act accordingly. By using the collated data drawn from human-robot interactions, the researchers have employed a 3D-printed humanoid robot and Keepon – a small yellow robot designed to study social development by interacting with children to achieve their goal.

What do you think about relationships between an emotion-displaying robot and humans? Share with us in comments below.

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Update: I search for a video of ERWIN Robot and found one. It is from one of the initial reactive tests with ERWIN. The robot simply expresses happy or sad depending on if a face is detected. Not that the video is from 2008 -


  • Raju Yadav
    Raju Yadav
    perfect creation
  • ferdy
    So, if machines take over all human activity, including art and science, what will happen to the organic body and its conditioned-to-work-and-think brain? Surely, will it decay? Is mankind-machines coexistence possible while people are fighting for jobs and resources: competition, nations, and so on? Anyway, what is the endeavour in which a robot cannot take part or channel at all? Why won't the future automatons be alive? What is the fundamental difference between a mechanical structure, organic or inorganic, that imitates life and life itself? Is there any, virtual or real? If it said that there is a difference, is it just some kind of authority who defines and differentiates? Perhaps then, someday, will be a powerful automaton the one who will define life, its unique life, truth itself? Its feeling about it, its unique emotions? Along these lines, there is a peculiar book, take a look in a sample in #-Link-Snipped-# Just another freethinking suggestion, far away from dogmas or axioms
  • Ankita Katdare
    Ankita Katdare
    I have mentioned about the movie 'HER' in the article,

    The movie's plot revolves around a man who develops a relationship with an intelligent computer operating system (OS) with a female voice and personality.
    It just goes to say how relationships between human and robots/AI computers/machines may flourish in years to come.

    Is it good or bad to envision such an idea? Only time will tell.

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