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Equipments better than these for a television station

Question asked by Nisha0123 in #Coffee Room on May 30, 2014
Nisha0123 · May 30, 2014
My uncle is starting a television station and wants my help. Being just a final year student in electronics and commutation engineering, I've little to no knowledge about the Equipments required for the station. This is what has been decided.

1) A.4.5M C Band non motorized transmitter and receiver(standard c-band Rx/Tx satellite earth station antenna, equipped with cross pol,linear polarization feed.2 ports(Rx/Tx).Rx interface:CPR 229F,Tx interface:N type(F),Rx freq:3.625-4.2ghz,Tx freq:5.850-6.425ghz-penetrating mount) model no:SM-T4 5RC china.

2) B base system:-
• MPEG 4, SD encoder by Ericsson. Model no-EN 8030 uk.
•modulator DVB S2,8PSK by radyne usa model no DM240XR.
•225W SSPA by CPI model no SSCI B canada.
•C band up converter by radyne model no SFC6400A USA.
•automatic air dehydrator by ETI model ni ADH NETCOM USA
•commercial receiver by Indion model no Indion from India.

The accessories include:-

1) 42 U equipment rack inclusive of power supply. Cable managers, earthing strips,shelfs etc model no 42U from india.

2) co axial video cable by beldon/comcon standard model.

3) cat-5/6 LAN cable by beldon/comcon standard model

4) BNC connectors by nutrik/comcon standard model

5) RJ 45 connectors by Dlink standard model

I've no idea about which one to use. I would really like to know about the other models better than the ones I've mentioned. Please help. Posted in: #Coffee Room
lal · May 30, 2014
Rank A3 - PRO
That is one awesome project a final year student can dirty his/her hands with. I'm quite you'll learn a million or more new things from this! 😁

Regarding the items, it is not an easy task to choose between vast number of products spread across. But, in most cases, we'll be having those special requirements and not many products will be qualified for that. I suggest you go through the technical details very carefully and make the right choise. Balance between your requirements and products' features. For instance, halogen free cables are needed for environmentally sensitive project. But they don't come easy.

And, make the project future proof. A step ahead.

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