23 Jan. 2014
Today Equilibrio came in its form. The whole campus was crowded with people enjoying the events and moving from one place to another for their events. According to many students studying in ITGGV, This is the first time when they are enjoying their college life in the way they actually want in GGV and gave all that credit to EQUILIBRIO 2K14. The events that the people most enjoyed were:


Like 22nd Jan. 2014 the Funzone was overcrowded by the people. People enjoyed many games like ring dance, Housie, Worth out of worthless, paper dance, couple dance, musical chairs, singing, solo dance, etc. and collected many coupons and vouchers by winning these games. At least a 600 people can always be seen at fun zone all the times.


Today first round of setu srijan took place in which more than 30 teams participated. Here, Ice cream sticks and fevicol were made available with the help of which students made a bridges for an 8cm imaginary river. Winners are yet to be decided.


Today first round of code x master took place in which 86 students participated. According to participants the questions asked were of average category. In this round written paper was there.


Here, the students were asked to make programs based on LINUX. Today was the first round of this event in which only 41-42 students were seen.


Here, the students made websites, networks etc. According to them the paper was of standard quality which only a good student can solve.

6. Quizvella:

Today was the second round of all the quizzes in which video and pictures related questions were asked. Only 50% of participated teams were allowed to play today.


Carnival of Dance attracted a huge crowd after TALKS and FUNZONE. All the teams participated were excellent in there steps and coordination. The winner will be decided on the basis of likes achieved by the participant from audience. Winner are yet to be decided.


This event was full of excitement and thrills. Here, 2 robots were made by each team from which one was defender and other was striker. Audience enjoyed this event also a lot. Total 25 teams participated from which 5 teams were from outside.


The Google Guy! Mr. Siddharth Rajhans, the gentleman has made the definition of ‘success’ way clear in the young minds. ‘Make your knowledge stylish’ is what he says during the talk that was held in Rajat Jayanti Sabhagar of Guru Ghasisdas University on 23rd January,2014. Mr. Rajhans has completed his management from Singapore, worked in Facebook, Yahoo and finally placed in Google, UK. He is the fellow of Royal Society of Research, London which makes it a much more special when he happens to be the third youngest recipient of this title. Not only this, he is also the member of TED.

‘Use the power of internet in a professional way’, he quotes this when he explains that for a young mind it is essential to get the maximum advantage of internet, building a ‘professional vocabulary’, using it in increasing the depth of your professional knowledge and skills. From his experience, he also says that companies refer to some websites like Linkedin to hire people. Basically, it acts as a person’s C.V. and contributes in a great deal to improve a profile. He tells the students to give more attention to your fluency in Language and also give mock interviews at home, among your friends. So, in that way they can help grow their soft skills. He also focusses on developing 5 fundamental points for pursuing any ambition. They are clarity and specificity, laser sharp dominating professional, right people, Reviews and Dialogue and Follow through. These can be achieved through continuous practice. There were question rounds in which he responded well and satisfied every student’s curiosity.

Mr. Saurabh Kaushal, an INK fellow in association with TED. Recipient of young innovator award in 2013 by Indira International Innovation Summit.Dr. Kalpana Chawala Young Scientist Award. He Presented research paper in three International Conference i.e. SPACE ELEVATOR CONFERENCE-2010 at Redmond, Washington, USA, EURO SPACEWARD-2010 at Luxembourg,Europe,ISTS-2011 at Okinawa, Japan. During his talk, he spoke about failure being the stepping stone to success, to have passion for one’s work, changing innovation to entrepreneurship; and on the technical front he spoke about the threat of space pollution to astronauts and to the common man. He also spoke about the ways of solving this threat such as nanotechnology, laser technology, robotics and recycling. His final message to the students was ‘the true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination’.


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