Equilibrio Day 1


22nd Jan. 2014
The EQUILIBRIO 2K14 is turning out to be more exciting than expected. The techfest started from the inauguration in Auditorium of University in which Executive Director of NTPC, Sipat Dr. Y.V. Rao along with University Director, Pro Vice Chancellor, techfest incharge along with all the staff members were present. Here, Dr. Y.V. Rao gave a message that for achieving success a person should be practically very sound.

After that events started in which a huge number of students put their crucial role to make the events more electrifying and breathtaking.

Here, almost 60+ students participated showing and explaining the message given by their posters. Basically, students made the posters on the following topics:

· World of fantasy

· Human Rights

· Students life

· Mission to Mars

The posters made by them were highly innovative as per the judges.

This Event was very much successful and attracted a huge crowd towards it. More than 40 entries (teams) were there. Here, the participants made the cars which can were running via a simple chemical reactions such as by using vinegar and baking soda. The car of the team which emerge victorious traverse 16m.

This event broke the record of all the participations. The crowd was mesmerized by this forgetting the time and tide both. The whole people present there enjoyed a lot.

In this category only written test of participants were taken in both Vidyut-e-karan and Microtest. Its second will be tomorrow. About 35 teams were there in each sections.

In this events there were 90 teams. Today was the first round of this event in which only written objective type questions were asked to do. Tommorrow will be the second round in which the knowledge of machines will be checked.

Here also written test were conducted in which more than 200 teams participated in each sections like Sports Quiz, Inquizitter, Vigyan and Incroyable India. In each quiz, only objective type questions were asked and negative marking was also done for wrong ones.

7. GGV 2030:
Here, the teams showed their creativity via models and posters and made us aware that How our University can be made International by 2030. Almost 40+ new ideas and concepts came there which were highly innovative and hilarious.

Here, more than 50% teams was of 1st year only with robots made by them. This event also attracted the huge crowd toward it.

Here, workouts were done on AUTOCAD softwares in which a problem statements were given to participants. There was 1st round only and simple machine parts were made. Almost 20 teams were there.

Here also innovation was involved. Teams made the rockets of pet bottle which can be run by thrust application of pressure generated by compressed air and water only. 40 teams participated in this section.

Here, in all sections 1st round was played. In reignite, written papers were conducted in which 50+teams participated.

In virtual money stoke market game was played while in B plan only abstracts containing there basic ideas towards any business was submitted.

The Fun Zone was the most crowded place as compared to anywhere else. Games like Housie, Paper Dance, Worth out of Worthless, etc. were played in which people showed there interest.


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