• sumeshkuruvat

    MemberOct 11, 2008

    entry point notfound

    i have a problem with my laptop. it always shows an error like" the procedure entrypoint getprocessimagefilenamew couldnot be located in the dynamic link library PSAPI.DLL. somebody told me that it is an error caused by the crash of the psapi.dll file in the system32.
    but when i checked in the system32 there is only one psapi.dll file. now i cant open the any program or cant install any program.

    any one knowing this please give me a solution
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  • sumeshkuruvat

    MemberOct 11, 2008

    please give me quick reply
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  • sriramchandrk

    MemberOct 15, 2008

    Since you are telling that you have only one instance of PSAPI.DLL.

    This file might have got replaced with old version while installing any software.

    You can Try any of these methods:

    Method 1:
    Start - > Run -> "sfc/scannow" enter!

    It will find if any system files have got changed.
    It will even give option to replace back with actual version (you may need the installation cd).

    Once you are done with this you have to restart the system, the problem will be solved.

    Method 2:
    run restore command
    and select the nearest date on which your system worked fine. Your system will be restored to that date (all changes from that day till now will be lost!)

    Method 3:
    downlaod new version of PSAPI.DLL from internet. replace it with c:\windows\system32\PSAPI.DLL file (take a backup of existing file).

    If its not allowing to replace the file, then do it by taking the system into safemode.

    Hope of this should solve.

    Anyways do this at your own risk.

    Thanks & Regards
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  • prabhat kumar

    MemberOct 16, 2008

    hey u faced the problem it's file used or replaced by aqnother exiting software like antivirus so just uninstall the the antivirus or newly install software.if u get again error msg just go for above solution that will work.
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