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ISHAN TOPRE • May 6, 2011

Entrepreneurial business plans

Hello people,

I want to give a boost to this section by starting a section which would aim at giving our CEans at least an average idea of different businesses. Business means selling different things. We engineers have a wide experience of getting sponsors for our college events which boosts entrepreneurial skills at basic level.

Here we would not have any thing like student or professional but we all are just CEans. Now my first question.

I want to start a Printing press. What will be various plans which you think, government policies if any to support business, capital requirements, in general all ideas which you can think about starting a printing press

What say? Can we discuss this?
Harshad Italiya
Harshad Italiya • May 6, 2011
Good Start Ishu,

I too thinking of something like this. To get the knowledge of Government Policies to support and encourage business are very useful for start-ups and now a days government is also providing good budget to Small Scale Industries.
ISHAN TOPRE • May 6, 2011
Yup, GF, I totally agree with you. Moreover there are 'special economic zones' (SEZ). I think it is a universal concept. Anyone has idea about these SEZs?

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