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aarthivg • May 5, 2012

Engineering tricks in Chithannavasal

Chithannavasal is a rock cut temple of Jain saints in 2nd century. Its also known for its painting as in Ajanta. The rock cut temple was about 70 m from the ground level.

This is the general information, many of them might have known. Apart from this, there is a hidden factor in it.

I have been to the place long back , It was an interesting experience (according to me).
First, the paintings. It was painted only on the ceiling with lot of works ( At present the painting works are totally destroyed, Since it was painted using natural colors, people scrap it).

Then, there was one small room closed at all sides. In one side of the work, there was a image of a person, doing meditation. When one person stands in the center of that room, and breath slowly and deeply , that person can feel the vibration over there. If group of people, does the same activity, there is no vibration. ( why it is so )

People over there said, vibration is due to the power of meditation created by the Jain saints

but, I felt there might be some engineering tricks done by the jain saints in building up that rock cut cave.
Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare • May 5, 2012
aarthivg Interesting information. Can you post some photos of this temple?
aarthivg • May 5, 2012
aarthivg Interesting information. Can you post some photos of this temple?

Source: got the picture from Google image

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