Engineering Students: How to write professional e-mail!


I invite contributions to this thread from people who have spent some time in the professional environment. The point behind starting this thread is to help students write professional emails.

Let me share with you an actual mail that I just received in my mailbox:-


How r u? Sir..i am in 3rd yr of engg. i need project idea...sir pls help sir its urgent..........

please sir dis is my last chance ...
Now, I personally feel sorry for the person who wrote this mail. There are few points I'd like to highlight:-

  1. If you start your mail with R/Sir, show respect throughout the mail. Don't change your tone from formal to casual. Either casual or formal - choose one.
  2. Do NOT use 'sms' text (old folks on CE will laugh at me for repeating this 😁 )
Remember these two points for now. I'll add more soon. Other CEans, please feel free to comment!


  • anagha tadimeti
    anagha tadimeti
    iam a third year student.plz give me an idea for mini project
  • MaRo
    anagha tadimeti
    iam a third year student.plz give me an idea for mini project

    I thought I've the least IQ here 😁

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