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Energizer EcoAdvanced Is The First AA Battery Made Out Of Recycled Batteries

Popular consumer battery manufacturer, Energizer has announced their new range of AA and AAA batteries which are made out of recycled batteries. The Energizer EcoAdvanced battery is the world’s first AA battery made out of recycled batteries. The percentage of recycled material included in these batteries is quite low, 4% of total weight. The team of scientists at Energizer developed a technology to transform recycled battery materials into what it likes to call an “active ingredient”. The company however has kept the details of this technology under wraps. The actual battery is created by combining this active ingredient with energy rings. The company hopes to increase the amount of recycled material in these batteries to up to 40% by the year 2025.

Energizer EcoAdvanced

While the amount of recycled materials in these batteries might be quite low, 4% for AA and 3.8% for AAA, in the long run it shall help reduce the mining of virgin materials. Since the battery is being claimed to be the company’s longest lasting alkaline battery, consumers will be able to use them for longer periods of time. Energizer EcoAdvanced holds up to 12 years in storage without losing performance. The price of a four-pack of Energizer EcoAdvanced batteries will be around $5. This makes it quite expensive than conventional batteries, but we hope eco-friendly customers will be interested in spending the extra cash.

Energizer EcoAdvanced  2

Source: Energizer, Energizer EcoAdvanced via Engadget
Rajni Jain
Rajni Jain • Feb 4, 2015
Bow down to Energizer !!
It may not be the best technology they would have used in these cells. I want to thank them showing world a way and produce something eco-friendly.

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