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14 Jul 2008

Encoder Scale

I'm still having some trouble understanding the scale that my encoder uses. The datasheet for the encoder is found at this website: https://test.maxonmotor.com/docsx/Download/catalog_2005/Pdf/05_235_e.pdf
The datasheet for the motor I'm using is found here https://test.maxonmotor.com/docsx/Download/catalog_2008/Pdf/08_104_e.pdf I'm using a 7.2V voltage source. At full speed the encoder gave an output with a frequency of 2.5 kHz. This doesn't seem to make sense to me. At full speed it seems like it should be running at around 10k rpm. The encoder says 32 counts per turn. Is that the same thing as 32 pulses per revolution? Can someone just give me a brief explanation on how to interpret the data sheet for the encoder? Thanks.

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