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@Kaustubh Katdare • 20 Mar, 2013
Elitmus is one of the India's largest placement potential assessment tests for fresh engineering graduates. The paper pattern for elitmus is simple and it's important that each student preparing for the pH test is aware of it. The entire elitmus paper is divided into three sections as follows -

Section I : Quantitative Ability

If you've prepared for GRE or CAT, this section should be very easy for you to crack. The major topics covered in this section are algebra, number system, work & time, permutations & combinations, geometry, probability etc. You will need to score well in this section to ensure that the percentile gets to 90 and above. The section will have about 20 questions.

Section II: Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning Abilities

This section would require you to analyse data given in tabular form or graph and there will be about 5 questions based on it. Then there will be several logical reasoning questions like arrangements, odd-figure-out, decoding, pattern-matching etc. The best way to tackle the DI questions is to spend about a minute understanding the graphs and making sure you know which axis represents what. Then look for the easiest questions in the set and then solve them first. Don't make a mistake of trying to solve the tough questions because they'll only be time wasters. Logical reasoning needs practice and if you can practise it for over a month; cracking the LR questions should be a cakewalk. This section will also have 20 questions for you to solve.

Section III: Verbal Skills

A lot of engineering graduates struggle with the English language. There will be 3 paragraphs to judge your reading comprehension skills and each will have about 4 questions based on the paragraph. Then there will be questions where you will be given a jumbled paragraph and you will have to arrange the sentences in the correct sequence to make it grammatically correct. Then you can expect questions on grammar and fill the blank types. There will be 20 questions in this section as well.

Verbal skills can only be improved over a period of time by developing reading habit and solving as many questions as you can.

Those who are preparing for elitmus test can join in and share their preparation strategy, questions, doubts etc. below.

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