• Ankita


    MemberAug 16, 2011

    Eligibilty For AIEEE Spot Round

    All candidates eligible for central counseling, except those who have been admitted to an institute till 5th round of allotment, are eligible for spot round.

    All eligible candidates who did not register during main counselling (June 11-23, 2011) are also permitted for spot round.

    All the eligible candidates who had reported/admitted and withdrawn later from CCB process are also eligible.

    Steps involved in spot round

    Candidates after reaching any RC have to perform the following activities

    Step 1: Physical and Online document verification process

    Step2: Online entry of single DD details (DD in favour of Chairman CCB-2011 payable at Mangalore), Candidates must get valid DD for Rs. 35000/- for OP/OBC or 25000/- for SC/ST

    Step3: Locking of filled choices
    Step4: Printout of locked choices

    Participating Institutes in the Spot Round

    a) NITs: 30 b)IIITs: 5 c)CFI: 13 d) SFI: 23
    CFI: Central Funded Institutes
    SFI: State Funded Institutes
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