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29 Jan 2008

Electronic Mapping Suggestion.

Hi guys, i need some help or rather suggestions here.. my team is working on a certain robot. THe main feature of the robot is the smarts. Using sensors it will be able to navigate around obstacles, measure using temperature differences the kind of material it is travelling on, and know its position with reference to a base at any time. We plan to do this primarily by sensors, antennas and a well programmed microcontroller. Our problem is this, we are unable to figure out a way to tell the robot what its operational area it. Some options are electronic fences, or a current bearing wire running around the boundaries etc. One idea that we had, perhaps, is to have the user walk the bounderies of the operational area with a transmitter, which will be calculated at the stationary recieving stations, the dimensions of the operational area. One way to do this is using EDM(electronic distance measurement). After doing some research it is still not very clear to us how it works. If anyone has any ideas on how to solve that problem, or knows how EDM works exactly, i would appreciate the responses. thank you

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