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Electronic Displays Could Soon Replace Labels On Packaged Product

Have you ever seen the Power Ranger Time Force “A blue streak" episode where driver Lucas Kendall showcased an electronic 3D driver licence which popped up information regarding his expertise? A research team from the University of Sheffield has engineered a method to attach electronic screens with paper based packaging of products. This invention not only gives shape to our imagination but also accommodates a drastic change in the package processing technology.

The group tied up with a UK based technology company, Novalia to shape an interactive display technology which will be attached with a packaged item and deliver corresponding vital information. This small but smart system could be embedded in a wide variety of packages ranging from food products to medicinal items. A more complex development can be achieved by incorporating a timer which will count the days left for a product by subtracting from its manufacturing date.


Methodically, the process of making the system includes some ordered steps. At first, electronic tracks were printed on a paper and then an electricity conductor adhesive material was used to stick cheap electronic components and a polymer LED display with the same. The team with the help of Novalia also attached a keyboard which increased its interactivity and gives freedom to the user. Professor David Lidzey from the University's Department of Physics and Astronomy asserted that the next goal of the team will be to frame a fully flexible organic display on a plastic substrate which would be incorporated on the electronic tracks.

Novalia's Chris Jones commented that this innovative project will shield manufacturers and users from getting cheated by frauds. Also, this might be customized according to the dealers’ information. The research has been supported and funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and the complete report was published in the IEEE Journal of Display Technology.

Source: IEEE

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