electronic dictionary device using microcontroller

hi everyone well i m new in this site n at present i m doing my engineering last year..
well i m newbie in microcontroller n i m intersted in it. basic idea of microcontroller that i studied..so i wanna know that can we make electronic dictionary using microccontroller ???? well i know that controller has limited external memory so cn we implement this idea???๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜•

my basic idea is that word which we want to know meaning of tht input by key and and the database that we stored in external memory will execute n we can see result on LCD.. still i dnt know much more but if this can be implemented then give me suggestion....


  • just2rock
    Using INTEL 8XC 196 series Microcontroller series it may be possible but need to know much specific about your query & also about the memory backbone you have planned for.
  • v1e5n8u

    You can make thats a wonderfull idea..
    Dont microcontroller has limited memory? How it could be possible?๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜•
  • sunank
    i m final yr. electronics student,i want to know how wi-fi works?
  • amolhshah
    you can use 8951 controller and you can store all words information in external memory, you can use 24c512/1024 (512k/1024K bits memory) and communication will be using I2C protocol. If you need more memory then interface SD cards to the controller.

    For updating the word list connect it to the PC and dwl the complete list frm PC.
    For scrolling through or for typing use matrix keypad and display on 4X16 alphanumeric display

    check the link below you will get code for most of the interfacing
  • asamnoy
    Here is a start
    #-Link-Snipped-# Operating Frequency
  • pacific85
    i m final yr. electronics student,i want to know how wi-fi works?
    hi sunank ,,well there is lot of info of wi-fi available on net u can starts from here n there are so many ebooks ,video tutorials available. so if u wanna link of this mail me
  • giteshguglani
    ya u can easily make that one.. u just interface a lcd, ASCII keyboard(u can copy the interfacing codes from the net ) or u can also interface a 16-bit keybad but it will b difficult for that. the main bone of the project is the programming which u have to do.. i m also making the same project this year u can mail me for furthur queries..

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