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el3ktr1k • Jan 6, 2009

Electronic Compass

I have a small remotely controlled vehicle and I want it to be able to determine its orientation. Can someone recommend some sort of electronic compass that fits easily into a breadboard and provides an analog voltage output to interface with a microcontroller. Thanks for any help.
Ashraf HZ
Ashraf HZ • Jan 6, 2009
What is your budget? You can try Sparkfun's one:
SparkFun Electronics - Compass Module - HMC6352

It wont exactly fit on the breadboard, but you can run some jumper wires from it. Also, it uses an I2C interface. Not the analog you want, but it can still interface with the microcontroller.
What ash said is a very good solution,I think if you can fit that compass it will make your work easy...try it and share the results with us!!!

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