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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jun 4, 2010

Electricity From Heart-Beats

Zhong Lin Wang and his team at Georgia Institute Of Technology had demonstrated that Zinc Oxide Nanowires showed the Piezoelectric Effect and can be used to generate electricity. The team has also combined the piezoelectric nanowires and solar cells.

The team has now successfully shown that nanogenerator works inside the rats. The team used zinc oxide nanowire on a flexible polymer substrate and encapsulated the device in polymer casing to shield it from body fluids. The system was then attached to Rat's diaphram. As the rat breathed, the flexing & contracting of muscles stretched nanowire. It could generate 4 picoamperes of current at 2mv. When connected to rat's heart, the device produced 30 picoamperes at 3mv, reports

[​IMG]ZnO nanogenerators consume low power (about 1 microwatt)could be used for nano-scale sensors that monitor BP and glucose levels. "The femtowatt scale of power generated by the devices is far too low to be practical right now (power = current x voltage). But that should change soon", Zhang comments.

The team has a device that integrates hundreds of nanowires into an array, giving an output current of about 100 nano-amps at 1.2 volts. The next step would be to connect higher-powered nanogenerators inside an animal.

What do you think is the future of these experiments?

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