Electrical motor + 3 phase transformer wiring & assembly


I wonder if anyone help me out. I have just purchased a piece of equipment a pair of Hetra PR 5oookg column lifts (total of 10,ooo kg lift)

The mechanical side of things has been checked out by myself and given the ok. The electrical side of things is giving me the right good headache. I have asked numerous people and can't seem to get the answers I need.

In the UK, some houses are supplied 3 phase power + N + E. The power per one phase + N is 230v power with 3 phase is 415v.

I have got 415v 3 phase wired up in to my workshop and have 5 pin outlets throughout.

The main control box has "110v three phase" wrote across it which is werid really.

Anyway. I have had a look at the electrical motors (one on each column) and they state 0.55kw 110Y then 110V 5.5A So they are 550w and wired in 110v star configuration.

I can build myself or have built for me a custom transformer to suit this voltage, but can't seem to get an answer if the motors require a total voltage of 110v ie 55v per phase OR 110v per phase ie 220v total voltage

I can post picture of anything for you to view,


  • Arp
    I'll want to try this
    firstly from the motor rating it is showing that they should be single phase induction motor.
    but say STAR connected so are you sure they are 3 phase motors?
    voltage rating also indicating that it must be single phase?
    please clear it. then hopefully as i thing i can clear your query.
  • Arp
    if u can, post the picture of motor rating plate.

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