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1)an ideal transformer has 3 windings : 100 turns on primary winding P, 160 turns on secondary windings S and 60 turns on tertiary winding T . winding S feeds to a resistive load where as a pure capacitance load across winding T takes 20A.

calculate the current in the primary winding and its p.f.

Fig.Q44 shows an ideal three-winding transformer. The three windings 1,2,3 of
the transformer are wound on the same core as shown. The turn’s ratio N1:N2:N3
is 4:2:1. A resistor of 10W is connected across winding-2. A capacitor of
reactance 2.5W is connected across winding-3. Widing-1 is connected across a
400 V, ac supply. If the supply voltage phasor V1 = 400Ð0°, the supply current
phasor I1 is given by


  • dipankar0309
    (cant show the figure.. the 2nd question is gate 2003 q no 44 )
  • Jeffrey Arulraj
    Jeffrey Arulraj
    Atleast post the question paper here friend I am not having it

    Otherwise scan the paper showing the image and upload it here
    (cant show the figure.. the 2nd question is gate 2003 q no 44 )
    That can help us more

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