Electrical Engineering Project Idea: Smart Street Lights

Electrical or electronics engineers can just work on this idea as a final year project. I believe we've discussed it in tits & bits in various discussions on the forum. The overall idea (abstract) is as follows -

The smart street lights save energy and power by sensing the activity on the streets. If a human or a vehicle is in the near vicinity, then the corresponding street lights glow. Once the vehicle is passed; the street light dims. This would help in saving electrical energy.

Possible disadvantages: This system may not be very useful in cities or the places of constant traffic. But may still prove efficient during late night early morning hours when the traffic is very low.

Second shortcoming I notice is that when the object stops moving - let's say the car parks near the street-light. In that case, the light would not detect motion and go dim.

The third one - it might just detect stray dogs or animals and change the brightness. I think this can be fixed by sensing the sound of vehicles than using a motion sensor.

What say you, folks? Anyone taking up this idea?


  • Harshad Italiya
    Harshad Italiya
    Some more parameters like time duration around 2AM to 5AM are most suitable time for thief so during that time we will not going to dim light. Then according to moon calendar we can set dimming. 😀
  • Ankita Katdare
    Ankita Katdare
    Here are two interesting ideas -

    1. Street Lights That Glow on Detecting Vehicle Movement

    2. Automatic Street Light Project

    3. Automatic Street Light Control using LDR and Relay

    PS: Please DO NOT ask for ready-made circuit diagrams or programming code. These are just examples of how it is feasible and how/where people have already implemented. This should make engineers believe that it is possible and can be used as a starting point so that you can improve the existing idea with your engineering project.

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