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Project Abstract / Summary : In recent years, power crisis plays important role in the development of country. The power can be generated in many ways such as wind, thermal, nuclear, Hydro etc.., among which wind is a renewable energy, which is easily available, but it requires high installation cost, maintenance. The efficient power generation faces two problems predominantly. The first problem is that, wind energy sector has high fluctuation in generation even on a single day. The second problem is that it needs the velocity of 15 kmph to operate the turbine of windmill for 360 rotations. To overcome this problem, this project is proposed using simple pendulum.
In this project, the concept of simple pendulum is utilized. The rod with specific weight according to the velocity of air has been selected instead of blades. A ball like structure is suspended at the end of the rod which has weight greater than the rod. The pendulum is oscillated using a source. It begins to oscillate (maximum up to 45’ of angle in one direction) we can produce power from oscillation of rod through rotation, under the three forms. Where mechanical energy is converted to electrical energy.
Thus Simple Pendulum works to produce power efficiently under low cost. It is too hard to beat the law that is making the pendulum to be in continuous motion all the time. So if the simple pendulum stops there will be a timer which will be used to make to oscillate through the pre-stored energy.
When the rod oscillates it will pull the “Generator”, rotating the blades which produce power on alternative basis. In addition to that there will be another power that will be produced through a coupling shaft. So there will be power generated by three methods. It has the timer to activate and to stop the oscillation. An energy source for a pendulum is either a wound-up spring or one or more falling weights. An ultimately, the source of the energy is human power, since you have to wind up the spring or lift up the weights to generate current. The pendulum mechanism is a way to release this energy depends upon speed, the power efficient is more. If you have a pendulum that is being powered by some source of energy, like a spring or a falling weight, then you can extract some electrical energy from the pendulum's movement. This project aims at the maximum efficient power production, reduction of cost and space occupied with respect to the amount of power produced as per the requirement.
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Why did you choose to work on this project topic : Power acts as a major source for the development of every country.
Every manufacturing unit and every individual can have this simple pendulum separately, since the cost is low compared to various power resources and also completely pollution free. So the transformers and the transmission lines can be reduced to the extent.
The power can be generated more, which can also be used in the field of application like manufacturing sector, private sector. This is a non-polluting free energy source which reduces the cost and also the space occupied in the region as compared to conventional power generators.

Project Highlights : It is a innovative idea and out of box thinking, which would definitely can overcome the power crisis, so we expect to be in the order of winning category.
Due to the marginal increase in economy India might be able to produce enough energy for mankind.
This a non-polluting free energy source which reduces the cost and also the space occupied in the region.

Project Category : Electrical / Electronics / Communication
Institute/College Name: Sri Ramakrishana Engineering College
City: Coimbatore
State: Tamil Nadu
Participating Team From: Third Year

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