Effect of Fermi level (Ed or Ea) on extrinsic nature of semiconductor


Can anyone explain why a semiconductor would lose its extrinsic nature if the Fermi level happens to coincide with the Ed level or Ea level.

here Ed is the donor level and Ea is the acceptor energy level. This is taken from an article that describes the variation of Fermi level with the change in Dopant concentration.


  • Jeffrey Arulraj
    Jeffrey Arulraj
    Very simple

    In pure form that is in its intrinsic nature the semi conductors are having no electrons in free state

    And so the fermi level is in the middle of the Ed and Ea layer But in the Extrinsic semi conductors there is a shift in the curve. From a straight line to a curve

    But when the curve touches the Ed or Ea line there is a balance in the number of conducting electrons and holes in the atom
  • pratap singh, upendra
    pratap singh, upendra
    how is the balance in number of conducting electrons and holes justified? Not understood the physical interpretation of this touching of Ef with Ed or Ev

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