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TTRINH • Feb 9, 2007

EE PE Help

Hi guys. I'm taking the EE PE this coming October. This is the first time I'm taking the exam. If you could share with me some tips, hints, or advice; I would be deeply appreciated. I've been in the industry for 6 years now. My experience cover CAD, design, engineering, electrical, control, instrumentation;mostly on refinery work. If you are taking the exam and are forming a study group, I'm interested. Or, if you want to share experience, I'd love, also. Thanks all alot and wish you all the best.
crook • Feb 9, 2007
Hi TTRINH! Welcome to CE. Are you talking about EE PE exam as it is described in following URL - ?

Formation of Exam groups is possible depending on how many CEans are taking the exam. Anyone there? Please reply!

At least, we can initiate technical discussions or try to solve problem relevant to the exam. All the best TTRINH!
TTRINH • Feb 11, 2007
Thanks Crook. Your attached link is the exam format that i will be taking.
crook • Feb 17, 2007
Thanks Crook. Your attached link is the exam format that i will be taking.
All the best for exam. Feel free to post your doubts. How about posting sample questions from the paper (if that is allowed). If the test if objective, I sure have tips for you.
engrcmb • Feb 18, 2008

Are you finished with your exam?
I am also looking for a study group and have had some strikeouts.

What state are you testing in?
I do see you posted in 2007.

NotARobot05 • Nov 14, 2016
I made a website (still a work in progress) to gather the best tips and resources I've been able to find while studying. Check it out at and if you have tips to share, please let me know! Thanks.!

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