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E-Voting Machine Screws Votes - Reported EAC

Question asked by Abhishek Swain in #Coffee Room on Jan 8, 2012
Abhishek Swain
Abhishek Swain · Jan 8, 2012
Rank C3 - EXPERT
A Government official reported that an e-voting machine that is to be used for the presidential election this year failed. It fails to record votes, logs the wrong voting information and then freezes. The Formal Investigation Report issued last month by the Electronic Assistance Commission (EAC), which certifies electronic voting equipments pointed out these anomalies. The E-Voting machine is DS200, an optical scanning device manufactured by Electronic Systems & Software (ES&S).
EAC noticed that the intermittent screen freezes, system locksup and shutdowns to prevent voting for which it was actually designed. Failure to log all normal and abnormal voting system events was also reported. They even say that the device is skewing, resulting in inefficient system accuracy.

The DS200 also failed in some cases to calibrate the touchscreen and sometimes during power on/off. When a voted ballot was inserted at an angle, it accepted the ballot without recording the ballot on its internal ballot counter after which that voted ballot may get rejected officially due to unavailability of information. Now all the problems are fixed and all reported issues have been rectified in the new version of the system software, Unity which upon certification, will be available to every jurisdiction that uses the older version said ES&S.
The DS200 reads paper ballots that have been filed in, records them, compares them and later on prints them if required. Nevertheless this machine facilitates recounts and audits.

Source: Cnet | Image Credit: Verified Voting Posted in: #Coffee Room

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