• E-Summit @DTU is back with a bang!

    This time it promises to be bigger and better!!

    The 2 day event will be inaugrated on 16th February 2011 by the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Delhi, Smt. Shiela Dikshit

    The event will also see Mr. Vinod Dham, father of the Pentium Chip, engaging students in an interactive session.

    The events planned for the 2-day extravaganza are:

    B Plan Competition
    The B plan competition held each year, aims to provide an integrative learning experience for participating students. The contest has spawned hundreds of business plans, and winners and non-winners alike have gone on to implement their plans and start successful enterprises. The exposure and experience gained by the participants is unmatchable. With over a thousand entries from all over India spanning IIMs, IITs and many more, the competition is bound to be tough!
    Panel Discussion
    The panel discussion series aims to bring together the entrepreneurial community on a common platform to discuss the rapid change that the Indian entrepreneurial scene has undergone in the new millennium. It also aims to identify the factors that have contributed to this change and what needs to be done to sustain and accelerate it.
    E Pitching
    If you were living in the year 1800, the thought of something like a Mobile phone would have been magic to you. Yet, 200 years on, a Mobile phone is ubiquitous.
    E-pitch would be a perfect opportunity for day dreamers and crazy minds to not only vent out their ideas , but build a prototype of their imagination in a stipulated time and then market their crazy idea in front of an esteemed panel.

    Innovation Fair
    This event is a first time addition in the E- summit 2011.
    As innovation is an act which endows resources with a new capacity to create new wealth and spark out progress; the INNOVATION fair gives a chance for teams from various colleges to launch their vision and learn how their idea will play out in the real life markets.
    The participants can display their product/idea in the presence of our esteemed judges, other successful technocrats who would provide their invaluable inputs and also in front of other students. The way the product will be interpreted when exposed to industrial production and sale will also be talked about.

    Leadership Lectures
    Leadership Lectures aim at inspiring the young minds to take the road less travelled and pursue their dreams. . It includes motivational lectures by some noteworthy entrepreneurs from the industry who share interactive facts and information.
    Ms Kiran Bedi enthralled the audience last year with her lively interaction, "I am sharing secrets of success with you - the 3 'M' -Mastery, whichever subject you wish to pursue or whatever you do in life, attain mastery on it; Member, be a responsible member of your institution, family and societal communities and try to give back something to it; and Meaning, find out and pursue the higher purpose behind attaining this mastery and membership, and true meaning of your existence." No one can forget her words of wisdom!
    Interactive Session
    We are proud of our DCE Alumni and in this session, will have an interactive session to get their views, and enlightening career experience. A complete one on one session to meet and talk to our alumni whom we look up to!
    Speakers and Panelists
    · · Hon’ble Chief Minister of Delhi: Smt. Sheila Dikshit
    · · Father of Pentium chip : Shri Vinod Dham
    · · Director World Alliance and Youth Empowerment: Khurshed Batliwala
    · · CEO & Founder, Nex-G Exuberant Solutions: Mr. S.S. Bhowmick
    · · Chairman & Managing Director, Intex Technologies (India) Ltd.): Mr. Narendra Bansal
    · · CEO – The Mobile Store Ltd. : Srikant Gokhale
    · · CEO, TCS: Mr. Rajiv Vaid
    · · Chairman & M.D. of Third Millennium Business Resource Associates Pvt. Ltd.: Sumit Chaudhuri
    · · CEO & Founder, Yogesh Bansal
    · · Senior Vice President, Religare Finvest Ltd.: Kamal Kumar Kaushik
    · · CEO, iEdvantage: Mr. Vikas Yadav
    · · Nitin Gupta: CEO Entertainment Engineers
    · · Sanjukta Basu: Founder Samyukta Media

    For more details, log on to #-Link-Snipped-#

    Source: Email From Organizers

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  • freak16

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    Re: E-Summit Delhi Technical University

    Biggie.Its delhi Technological uinversity..
    Are you sure? This action cannot be undone.
  • alexisdaniels

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    Do you have ideas for improving energy efficiency where you live/work? Reducing paper use? Increasing recycling participation? Minimizing food waste? Improving transportation?
    Are you sure? This action cannot be undone.
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