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smriti • Dec 27, 2012

Dyson Robot Vacuum Under Making; Ten Years Too Late?

Dyson has finally made it to the age of robots, only that's so 2002! It's almost a decade since Dyson first entertained the idea of a robot vacuum. What happened? Well, Dyson's Dc06 sounded awesome on paper with its clever maneuvers around obstacles and its equally fantastic role as a vacuum cleaner but sadly, it had weight issues. Not to forget, it cost $6000 a piece to account for all that awesomeness. So, Dyson just dropped the whole plan.


[caption id="attachment_44937" align="aligncenter" width="600"][​IMG] Dyson Dco6[/caption]


From that day to this, we have been witness to a lot of autonomous robot vacuum cleaners including the very popular Roomba while Dyson claimed to be "under development." Now, according to officials at Dyson, they absolutely haven't given up the project yet and continue to brainstorm time and again. For example, working on the powerful suction with frugal battery use. 11 years and still counting? It better be the Iron Man of vacuum cleaners!

Source: IEEE Image Courtesy: w19design 

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