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The facebook messenger for windows desktop got leaked few hours ago and now an official download is available on Facebook's website. If you're one of those who prefer accessing the web via windows desktop clients; you'll appreciate Facebook windows messenger. The messenger looks quite like Facebook chat (web version) but also provides status updates from your friends and when someone likes your fb status. It will also show you updates from your friends. Earlier today, leaked the windows version of facebook messenger online. Facebook quickly responded by making the download official on their website.

Download Facebook Messenger For Windows (Official Link): #-Link-Snipped-#

Facebook says that the windows version is a trial one and the company will roll out new updates and features over a course of time. Users accessing FB through the desktop client may experiences prolonged outages and instability as the engineers make changes to the service and roll out new patches. Users won't have to download updates manually; but the client has been designed to update itself automatically whenever an update is available.

System Requirements: We do not know whether the app works on Windows XP, or Vista; but Facebook says that you can use the app if you have Windows 7.

The app provides easy logging in and log-out options. The client will reside in system tray along with the clock and keep on updating itself with the status updates & likes received on your profile. It will also delivery notifications through pop-up messages. Users can select 'Keep Me Logged In' option to stay connected even when the system remains idle for longer period. There are two modes in the FB desktop client: Exit & Log-Out. The log-out option will only log the user out of the system but not shut the app itself. Exit option will log the users out and also shut down the app.

Video Calling & Group Chat: These features are yet to be launched on the new app. However facebook mentions that these features are being worked on and will be launched soon.

Privacy settings will be picked up from your Facebook settings and users need not set them again through the windows messenger.

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