Doubts about behaviour of Capacitors

Hello everybody,

I'm doing my Master Thesis about designing and building a Solid State Laser. For that, I need to pulse a Xenon Flashlamp(The trigger T in the small schema) with about 200 Joules.


This pulse is shaped by a 3-meshes LC circuit.(Ln and Cn n=2,3,4)

Being the L=23uH and the C=55uF

Really C2,C3,C4 each one is a serie of 4 220uF, 500V. Will the Voltage be equally distributed? I read about using resistance to help distribution, but I couldn't see a diagram of it being done.

The Energy is stored in the previous Capacitor (C1) wich is a 470uF, 20kV and then when the trigger is activated, delivers the energy to the Pulse Forming Network (inside the square).

For what I understand about capacitors(which is not that much) they work a bit like deposits, that's why C1 should be twice the Capacitance of the C2,C3,C4 equal.Then it should be 33uF.

My final question is, what happens if C1 exceeds that value? will it work anywak or will I have big sparks everywhere.

Sorry if I have any grammar mistake, English is not my mother language, as I'm Spanish, doing my Master Thesis in Austria.

Thanks in advance just for reading it.
Guillermo Perez


  • gohm
    great thesis and well laid out questions! If I understand your final question right, if you exceed electrical capacity on your cap, it will not work, you'll fry the cap. A cap is like a battery except it has a fast cycle rate. My experience is with cap run/start motors which is different then your application. I'm sure you'll get some good feedback from some knowledgable CE sparkies!
  • sopawilly
    Thank you for the answer, I'll start to think of other ways to solve it.

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