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@n@nd • Feb 14, 2012


i am a second yr student. jus tried doin paper presentation on shotcrete technology. i still doubt if it is being in use in india. i tried comparing cost btween shotcreting and concreting also. but i could only scratch my head. i lost in the presentation as i couldn prove the comparison of cost. but i really want to know if shotcreting is cheaper than concreting. i could approximately prove tat the former one is 18% cheaper than the latter one with the known rates. for people who dono wat this technology is al about, it is the process of "spraying" concrete at a very high velocity. it has so many advantages. aggregate size in the mixture is less than 10mm and so much in it. as of now, ppl who r aware, pls answer my ques asked above
@n@nd • Mar 1, 2012
someone reply pls
Abnish • Mar 12, 2012
Shotcrete is a technology used in large hydro power projects like Nathpa Jhakri (HP) , Chutak hydro electric project (kargil)......
basically shotcrete mix is sprayed through a machine called as CIFA-CSS II (Company name) to rocks in large caverns (Tunnels) for rock stabalization.

Shotcrete is costier than concrete .
Abnish • Mar 12, 2012
Else u can get lots of information about shotcrete on Civil Engineer Forums containing topics like
"Large hydro projects"
"Hydro power technology"
@n@nd • Mar 22, 2012
can u pls give me an estimation? a simple one. even like buildin a small water tank.
Abnish • Mar 22, 2012
For that u need some rates of following items:-

1. Material cost for Shotcrete.
2. Batching , mixing and laying of concrete charges(Including Batching Plant, transit Mixer, Labour, electricity etc.)

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