Double-stage Gear box design help?

Hi I am studying mechanical design and I have a few questions.

What is the difference between a single-stage and a double-stage gearbox?
How do you determine the number of teeth for the gear, given that we know the no. of teeth of the pinion, we don't know the speed reduction ratio.
What is the "hunting tooth ratio"?



  • Godfrey
    A hunting tooth ratio has tooth numbers that do not share common divisors. A 13- by 24-tooth ratio is a hunting tooth. A 12- by 24-tooth ratio is not since the 12-tooth pinion will always mate with the same teeth. For plastic gears where running-in is more of a common phenomenon, a hunting tooth ratio is not as desirable. Minor tooth errors are more likely to find “home” rather than continue to search for home in a hunting ratio. The long repeat period of a hunting ratio can produce annoying sounds. To know more about go to Search Results For Products By Name: [ hunting ] .

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