• Shrikant Bedekar

    Shrikant Bedekar

    MemberJan 23, 2014

    Dongri to Dubai By Hussain Zaidi - A Book Review

    Must read for all the people who want to have an insight into the dark underbelly of Mumbai and uncover the dark secrets of Mumbai mafia and their might and how they evaded the system and used it to their advantage. The book contains fascinating and detail accounts of the modus-operandi of the Mumbai mafia. It sheds light on some of the most notorious, dark and powerful figures of 1970's - 1980's decade and also of the present lives of some of the most shadiest and deadly characters known by Mumbaikar's and the people pulling the actual strings by remaining behind the scenes, quietly carrying on business and managing anonymity.

    Hussain Zaidi almost makes you live the lives of innocent Mumbaikars caught in the crossfire and makes the story unfold in front of your eyes with such precision and timing as to make you live it yourself and experience it first hand and witness it as if you were a part of such story. A ride worth taking, a ride not to be missed and a ride which is bound to make you shell-shocked and send a chill run through your spines, to render you speechless and leave you spellbound. The length and breadth to which the author has gone to carry out even the minute details is tremendous. It's a story about every known and unknown mafia from the past and the current time and about their tale which is as horrific as it is intriguing. Some of the dark stories are so horrific as to leave you completely numb. The role of Pakistan, some of the white collar associates and the sympathizers of the gang and of the gang wars is all penned immaculately. It is a tale about the rise and rise of underworld, the people who made crime their business and the price they ultimately paid - all in one written brilliantly!

    It is a book which will grab your attention instantly and will not let it divert till you have read it till the very end. An interesting and well paced novel.


    These are my views about a book I recently laid hands upon. If you have read it too, please share your opinion in replies below.
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  • Ankita Katdare

    AdministratorJan 23, 2014

    This is one of the highest rated books in recent times. Have heard a lot of good reviews. Some friends told me that the revelations that they came across in this book blew their mind.

    Anyone else here read this one?
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