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Donate generously to help CE-an Amit Jha present his paper in San Diego

A big shout out to all proud members of the Crazy Engineers community! I am sure that all of you would be pleased to know that fellow CE-an Amit Jha's paper has been accepted for oral presentation at the prestigious SPIE Optics+Photonics 2017 conference, to be held in San Diego, CA, USA from 6-10 August. Most of you would understand that as an undergraduate student, this is something huge and very rare in India. Besides having a brilliant academic record, Amit is a former president and a founder member of the Techno India SPIE Student Chapter.

In this capacity, he has spearheaded many successful outreach programs such as the Liter of Light mission, the Foldscope project, and has also supervised technical events/guest lectures by eminent scientists from IIT, IISER, ISRO etc. He has utilised his technical acumen by designing several optical and renewable energy based models, capable of improving the quality of life, and has designed beautiful hand-made posters depicting his chapter’s activities. Amit has been deeply involved in his present research concerning the application of the matrix method in designing integrated photonics circuits, right from the second year of B.Tech.

His love for coding and expertise in computer simulation have helped him greatly in this project, and being able to attend the conference and present the paper will be a gift for his hard work and perseverance. However, coming from an economically challenged background, and with his college not ready to help him monetarily, his long cherished dream is still far from being fulfilled.

That is why I come to you, with a request to donate any amount you find suitable to this noble cause. Donate now at Help our friend, Amit Jha present his research paper at San Diego.

Hello everyone! Despite the financial difficulties, Amit has made great progress with the paper, which we would like to share with you in brief. Amit is currently in the final process of preparing the manuscript, and fine tuning the computer code, in order to get the desired results and graphs. Once ready, he will submit the manuscript by the 10th of July, and then move on to preparing the slides for the oral presentation. Amit has also planned to minimize the costs associated with his trip, by flying to Los Angeles, instead of San Diego. From LA, he will take the Amtrak to go to San Diego, which will significantly reduce his costs.

As mentioned before, two structures have been designed in this project: the photonic spot profile converter for horizontal light coupling, and bridge structure for vertical integration, both on the CMOS compatible SOI platform. Initially, the spot profile converter was simulated using the semi-analytical matrix approach, and more recently, the bridge structure too, was simulated successfully using the same technique, which is fast and requires less memory. The relationship between the waveguide parameters and the optical characteristics was studied and inferenced were drawn. The simulated results have been found to strongly agree with the theory.

We would like to also let you all know, a few salient features of the SPIE Optics+Photonics symposium, where Amit’s paper has been selected for oral presentation. It is the largest multidisciplinary optical sciences meeting in the whole of North America, and has an attendance of over 20000. It is the meeting where the latest research in optical engineering and applications, nanotechnology, sustainable energy, organic photonics, and astronomical instrumentation is presented. This meeting lays special emphasis on student networking events, and is home to the world’s largest optics and photonics student leadership workshop. It also features an optical model making contest known as the annual optics outreach games, and a poster session highlighting optics outreach activities by institutes across the globe.

In the years to come, the spot profile converter has the potential to be commonly used in various bio-chemical sensing applications, while the bridge structure can be used for optical signal routing in optical communication. The proposed structures can soon find their way into commercialization via patent and fabricated in large-scale, for various sensing and photonic applications. For Amit, this is a way to give back to the society, through his spirited research. We strongly feel that scientific research is a truly global phenomenon, and that by nurturing young minds like Amit by providing them a platform to excel such as this prestigious international conference, can go a long way in uplifting the scientific establishment of India. This is why, I once again appeal to you all to help him realise his dream by donating through our fundraiser: Help our friend, Amit Jha present his research paper at San Diego.

Thank you once again for all the love and support.

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