Does Social Media help enhacing the Ventures?

How many of you are on [HASHTAG]#facebook[/HASHTAG] , [HASHTAG]#Google[/HASHTAG] plus , [HASHTAG]#twitter[/HASHTAG] ?

And how many of you believe that along with entertainment social media apps can be utilized as a very strong medium to enhancing popularity / business for start-ups?

I strongly believe that with right set of tools, strategy and plans Social media is very powerful medium to reach to the crowd and make them aware of the products, ventures and if you are reaching to the right set they are bound to give you positive results.

Social Media

Some says -
Social networking sites increase social interaction and connections.

On the contrary some feels like - Social networking sites are disasters and is nothing more than an lazy attempt too see and talk to friends and family

What's your views on that?



  • Sahithi Pallavi
    Sahithi Pallavi
    If it is not,
    why should politicians these days are getting into facebook?
    why should companies these days are having their pages on facebook?
    why should companies are hiring separate social marketing team to popularize them on facebook?
    why should every page of a website has buttons to follow them on facebook, twitter?
    why should all the newspapers, radios have their accounts to update the news?

    because they are considering social networking sites are their way to reach the people and to attract more people. Days are gone, not only young, even children, fathers, mothers even grandies are active on facebook. people are searching the things, buying the things, going through the reviews etc. people are using them like anything to get their things done. people believe what they see more, what they listen more.

    If it is really not,
    why should facebook start the business of selling its 1000 lakes for Rs-650? and
    why should twitter start the business of offering 10,000 twitter followers for Rs-5,000?
    they are already into marketing, advertising etc etc. They are hiring web marketing companies and they may gradually convert themselves to Internet marketing companies.
    No need to say, the ultimate goal of any private company is to get profit and not that they really want to increase the social relations between the people or want to spread the news etc., they do whatever they can do to earn their profit.

    For one or the other reason, social networking sites these days are playing a vital role in transforming the things and in deciding the things in the society in a big way.
    And yes, even for ventures, social networking sites are so important.

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