Does breaking up with someone have to be as elaborate as a proposal? Why?

Be it love life or family life, people fight. They fight for all kinds of reasons and some who can't carry on with this kind of a lifestyle tend to breakup.

My question:

1. Why has divorce rates increased over past decades?

2. Does 'opposites-attract-better' imply in this case?

3. When women got equal responsibility in the household, have this affected the generic trend of 'head-of-household' to more of a '50-50 scenario.'? Are divorce tendencies in such households higher?

4. Is it the mother or father who is more responsible for the children's growth and proper education or are they both equally responsible - pre/post a divorce?

5. What is the key to happy living?

6. Does breaking up with someone have to be as elaborate as a proposal?

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