Do you want "DEFCON" in India?

DEFCON is an annual event which takes place in Las Vegas around last week of July or first week of August. It is a paradise for hackers, security experts, tech junkies who have the ultimate opportunity to learn, speak, present and meet people from all over the globe. For the fact that there is a considerable manpower in India dedicated towards this topic, most of them cannot afford to attend the conference due to costing issues/and visa of course. People attending the original DEFCON are hackers, Feds, corporate giants, professors, professionals, students and many more interested ones from all types of background. Currently it is ongoing in Vegas and it sucks for not being able to attend it.
So I was wondering if we could try to hold up similar event in India which can be compared against DEFCON. Well it is a huge step to take so first I wanted to take your opinion if you were willing to attend such event if organised in India on an annual basis. Details later but first I want some opinions on it.

Are you willing to attend such conferences?


  • Pensu
    Why the hell not?! Comic Con India started 2-3 years ago only, if I remember and I missed it this year (Damn you, roommate 😡) A lot of crowd gathers there. Anyways, I am sure there would be a lot of crowd if this event is organized in India.
  • Jeffrey Arulraj
    Jeffrey Arulraj
    I am sure Engineers today are damn ready in building up their own profiles and attending a great event is massively a boost to their resume and also the idea sharing in those events are not to be undertamed in any manners

    I am sure it will hit roof top levels if proper advertisement is provided to these events

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