@Kaustubh Katdare • 18 Jul, 2008
The concept of Paperless Office is well known. Do you think the world will be completely paperless by 2050?

At least, do you think we'll still be using papers in offices?

If that happens, you'll have to take your kids to museums to show them the printers! 😁

Interesting, huh?

[Lame repliers: I know, we'll need the toilet paper anyway. 😲 ]
@Ashraf HZ • 18 Jul, 2008 Yes, we'll still be using papers. For sure, electronic medium will be increasingly used as the amount of "data" is exponentially rising, but some sort of physical "paper" will be used in some form for small scale stuff.. like notes, etc. Hopefully out made of recycled paper or other environmentally friendly material 😀

I suppose when 2050 comes, people would probably accuse me for being a old fashioned geezer who hates technology 😛
@sauravgoswami • 19 Jul, 2008 Paper are always perfered over electronic meduim,in future tii poeple may,may not prefer paper.all depends upon accpetance,but looking at present at 2050 we will be still using paper
@gohm • 19 Jul, 2008 yes it will remain however the material may be different, maybe metallic based?
@sauravgoswami • 21 Jul, 2008 It can be anything as long as human is analog he will prefer paper and pen
@samarjeetsaigal • 24 Jul, 2008 can't say paperless only the very important part will be have the paper work.
but similarly the world will be digitised. the engineers will definately find a another way so that we can save paper. as a lot of trees are used to make papers and also from now onwards the factor of global warming is also there. so definately one can say that we will use paper but to a very less context.
@sauravgoswami • 24 Jul, 2008 kind off,mate but similar things we imagined dusing the seventeis nothing happend,during the 50's flaoting cars were derived....well i m damn sure in next 42 years,human will be using paper..
@Neha • 26 Jul, 2008 Down the line 42 years, indeed a long time!

According to my views, I don't think it would be completely paperless. We would be using papers though at a much smaller extent.

Next, I think people out there would device methods for developing a paper that z made of some environment friendly stuff! 😀
@sauravgoswami • 26 Jul, 2008 its already present and in use,wel the next thing in paper can be,re-usable paper or paper with storage technology,wat u say guys!!!
@samarjeetsaigal • 26 Jul, 2008
its already present and in use,wel the next thing in paper can be,re-usable paper or paper with storage technology,wat u say guys!!!
my dear friend it's already there, in the recent develpoments Japan has made a CD which is made up of paper and it can store data, although its a special type of paper.
@sauravgoswami • 26 Jul, 2008 well its a CD dude,I need something which will help to scribble,if they make such kinda paper that is execellent,thanks for updating me!!!
@samarjeetsaigal • 27 Jul, 2008
well its a CD dude,I need something which will help to scribble,if they make such kinda paper that is execellent,thanks for updating me!!!
well don't worry friend, anyone will find a way for that, can say that a pen model of that which has a laser in it to write that paper cd, but most important it should be safe to use.
@sauravgoswami • 28 Jul, 2008 hey wat abt the ink,after all ink is wat we print on paper
@samarjeetsaigal • 28 Jul, 2008
hey wat abt the ink,after all ink is wat we print on paper
my friend as i told you that it is a special type of paper on which data is to writen. we can't write on it with a ink. it will just make that paper simple like the other one.
@sauravgoswami • 29 Jul, 2008 hey that makes it authentic,we can simulate ink and paper
@gauravtiwari89 • 30 Jul, 2008 I think if we survive till 2050, papers will be the last of our concerns
--Energy shortage, global warming, population explosion, terrorism, Fuel shortage, etc. etc.

But assuming that all does not happen, id say we will be paperless(basically forestless)
@Mayur Pathak • 30 Jul, 2008 Going paperless by 2050 is surely a possibility. But I don't think it would be completely paperless, unless we discover a ultra superb alternative. Looking at the history, its been so many years that we started scribbling, first on leaves and then on processed wood (paper), but paper still we use :grin:

@Gaurav- Hey don't be too pessimistic yar.
@Itanium • 02 Aug, 2008 i'm not sure... but the usage of paper will be very much reduced.. There are huge initiatives in big firms to reduce the usage of papers (sometimes even the toilet papers). This is directly linked to the profit margin, in our company we generate hard copy docs for more than 5 million customers monthly. this really costs millions to the company and cutting down the usage of papers will decrese the cost spent and increase the margin of profit ;-)
@sauravgoswami • 04 Aug, 2008 buddy,paper is not a profit making thing!!! paper is to keep records safely,still poeple beleive more in hard-copies compared to soft,for generations paper have been used and will be used though they might reduce
@Itanium • 09 Aug, 2008 i never said paper is making profit.. reducing the usage of paper reduces the cost. Also I dont think paper will keep records safe, you cant encrypt it. May be we are used to paper, thats the reason you are saying this, but its always better to reduce the usage of paper which also helps the environment.
@Ashraf HZ • 09 Aug, 2008 Well, come to think of it.. paper has lasted for centuries (and counting). Compare than to the electronic storage mediums that have come up 😀

You guys might want to consider the amount of environmental effects caused by dumped electronic goods too! Plastic, toxic metal, glass..

We'd need to strike a balance somewhere.
@sauravgoswami • 09 Aug, 2008 Exactly!!but we should also take into considerations our demands and needs
@vineesh1 • 09 Aug, 2008 How abt setting a date between 2015 and 2020?😀

I think the future is much closer than anticipated, especially [I dont want this to sound like a sales pitch 😛] because I am trying to incubate a company in IIT Delhi for precisely this purpose - to create an electronic system that can emulate notebooks such that students can write and take notes as they do on paper.

Have done a lot of product research and it seems feasible. I have the backing of a professor from iitd itself pertaining to the feasibility.

Regarding market research, principal of Dps Rk puram has found the idea good and has extended assistance from the school end and has verbally given a promise to purchase 5k units for her students if the price is about INR 5k.

At the moment I am struggling to find a team to get this project going as well as funding. Neone interested even for part-time association is welcome. Lots of work in embedded systems as well as OS+UI is there 😛.

I guess I am lucky today - my bday, had my convo at iitd [yea, I am finally confirmed btech frm iitd😁] and then crazy engineers puts up the thread of my current life! I joined CE yesterday and I am extremely happy I did!!!

Ohh yeah, thanks for giving so much of ur time to this post. Would be delighted to interact with you all here as well as thru email on vineesh1<at>gmail(dot)com.

@Kaustubh Katdare • 09 Aug, 2008 Vineesh, why don't you interact with everyone in our CE - Entrepreneurship & Finance - CrazyEngineers Forum section?

Discussions through email would remain confined to just few of you.


Happy Birthday :myparty:

Your idea is fantastic! Do you think your gadget can handle all the features at little over $100?
ps: Start a new discussion thread in Entrepreneurship forum to discuss the same.
@vineesh1 • 09 Aug, 2008 Thanks a lot Big_K! 😀

Shifting onto Entrepreneurship section as well! 😀

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