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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Mar 12, 2009

Do you think piracy is overraated?

A lot is being said everywhere about piracy. We need to have a better understanding of piracy!

Case 1: I buy an ebook/movie from an authorized vendor. I make the movie available for download on my website or make copies of it and distribute it freely among my friends.

That is an example of piracy, right?

Case 2: I borrow a text book from my friend and study from it. I never buy a new book. I then share the book with my friends.

Is that piracy too?

But most of us have been sharing books among our friends. So are we all a part of piracy?

What do you say?
shalini_goel14 • Mar 12, 2009
If you are not making copies of your friend's book and selling it in the market or among your friend cricle, then it is not at all piracy I guess.
rishna • Mar 13, 2009
yes according to me Case 2 is also part of piracy.
well i'll tell you why..i think buying a single cd and group of people watching it, is similar to sharing a book among friends.

infact i think pirating a Movie in a way brings business. While sharing a book will never, its a loss.
Hm, did some people complain about lending books as piracy? Thats ridiculous. There is nothing wrong with lending books, as long as there is an opportunity cost of doing so.. that is, having no access to it once someone else uses it.

If you duplicate it without permission from the author or publisher, then thats another issue, and will be considered piracy. Remember, piracy stems from copyright infringement.
Yep i agree with Ash.

Lending a book and reading it is not at all piracy if and only if the book is original 😉
gohm • Mar 13, 2009
Right, lending is not piracy. Otherwise all the video rental businesses would be commiting piracy along with anyone who loans a media form. To me, as long as you are not receiving profits (direct or indirect) from sharing the media I do not consider it piracy. It can be copyright infringement though, which is something totally different. That involves duplication with intent of distribution without the holder's consent.

If you copy a media without the copyright holder's consent (and usually paying them royalty) and distribute it for free that is copyright infringement. If you charge for the said media, again without authorization, now you have also committed piracy.
CEMember • Mar 13, 2009
Hey buddy Y-Not, I have a doubt or may be I am not clear 😕 "Is buying a single cd and group of people watching " comes under piracy crime? If so then why people make CDs, just to make the show piece in a shop?

Please clear my doubt 😀
Nope,piracy still very much underrated,many new software/games launched in market get pirated within seconds and are available for download ,those forums claims them to be sharing but the company developing them suffer huge revenue loses on the brighter side piracy helps popularising e.g Microsoft Windows
gohm • Mar 14, 2009
Arrr, shiver me timbers me land lubbing mateys. I've not heard of pirating says I. Nor my parrot. While I hobble over on my peg leg to rest a spell with some grog, please tell me all abouts the ways of this piracy thing? yo-ho!

Avast! yer ar addled and a disgrace to the rest of me hearties. Walk the plank me says!
Well,it is very much underrated,just check out those markets were they sell pirated stuffs,even employees of those companies by thier own companies product through these channels and many top-notch software cos purposely encourage them!!!!

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