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Vivien.hugo • Apr 26, 2012

Do you rely too much to tech supporters?

I’ve seen some engineers rely on their tech supporters too much to ask some very simple questions, such as does the 2012 version will be uninstalled if I install the 2011 version? Or why the trial period is only 30 days? According to me, they will know it for a simple test. Maybe I’m wrong, they may think even a very simple question is a waste of their time to find answers by themselves. But for me, I’d like to find answers by myself unless I can’t solve it by myself. How do you think so?
Some feel that if they have a dog, then they should not have to bark. Fortunately this kind of cop out is difficult in most hands on branches of engineering. One has to roll up the sleeves and get down to work.
manishks • Apr 27, 2012
One has to roll up the sleeves and get down to work.
Very well said sir 😀 . Even brain needs some exercise! 😉

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