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Do you know what is fuel cell engine?

Question asked by Erica Zhu in #Coffee Room on Nov 22, 2018
Erica Zhu
Erica Zhu · Nov 22, 2018
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The automotive engine is a complex component, and an independent fuel cell stack can not be used as an automotive engine. It must be combined with fuel supply system, oxidizer supply system, water/heat management system and control system which can control various valve sensors and water, heat and air conditioning devices to export to the outside world. Power.

The purity of fuel is related to the performance and reliability of batteries. The power density of fuel cell increases with the increase of oxygen pressure, but the increase of air supply pressure by air compressor will reduce the output power because of the parasitic power of compressor.

The water / heat management inside the battery is the difficulty and key point of the fuel cell, and is the key to determine the performance of the battery. It is difficult to discharge heat at low temperature in a fuel cell stack. In view of this, Feilong Jiangli developed a thermal management system, so that the engine in the working cycle, to maintain the best temperature (90 degrees C), both fuel-efficient and to protect the engine.

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