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Do you know what is electronic vacuum pump?

Vacuum pump mainly consists of pump body, rotor, blade and intake and exhaust ports. When the driving torque rotates the rotor through the engine camshaft and vacuum pump connector, the single plastic blade rotates along the contour of the vacuum pump chamber and eccentric position of the chamber. The upper side of the single blade has two chambers and the left side has two chambers. For the vacuum chamber, the volume of the chamber becomes larger and larger as the single blade rotates, resulting in the vacuum degree. At the same time, the vacuum degree of the vacuum booster is increased through the air inlet connected with the vacuum booster and with one-way valve. The right chamber is a compression chamber. With the rotation of the single blade, the volume of the chamber becomes smaller and smaller, lubricating oil and true are made. The air extracted from the air booster is compressed into the engine. The lubricating oil from the engine enters from the center of the rotor to lubricate the vacuum pump chamber and the corresponding components, and acts as a seal between the floating terminal on the single blade and the contour of the chamber.

Chongqing Feilong Jiangli has developed 30W, 60W, 100W pumps with different powers. We have independently developed and cooperated with many well-known automobile manufacturers for more than 40 years.

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