• Nayan


    MemberAug 7, 2013

    Do you believe Cyborgs exist?

    Well guys, we are all CrazyEngineers here. So I guess a lot of you might be into all the Sci-Fi super hero action. You see an Iron Man flying or some high tech super human Captain America. Don't miss THE HULK. And guess what- Wolverines, super human powers that can be genetically engineered into soldiers, or some high tech robots here and there firing anything in and out on will. The high tech gadgets are the special effects in all those movies.

    At the rate of the development in different sectors and rapid engineering in all of gifts of science, How much of those movies seem to be fictional now?

    Dont you think that a prototype of Iron Man suit might already been developed?

    Do you believe there might be some Secret Sector Lab where they are testing some chems to enhance human limitations?

    Is it possible that the cool gadgets and weapons which are demonstrated in movies might already been developed under CLASSIFIED EYES ONLY?

    What are the odds that in the next decade, soldiers might own a personal jet-pack behind their backs while going into the battlefield?

    Can a disaster far worse than a nuclear wipeout be anticipated?

    Hit in your views.
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  • Jeffrey Arulraj

    MemberAug 8, 2013

    Super topic Cyborgs or super humans can be created with current technology and also the outstanding power which some super heros possess can be simulated using LASER technology
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  • Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran

    MemberAug 9, 2013

    i really agree with you #-Link-Snipped-# .Who knows? It can be true but the effect of this type of research is unknown.

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  • Saandeep Sreerambatla

    MemberAug 9, 2013

    I guess this is not a topic to be in Debate section! What are we debating upon? I guess this post must be a part of Chit chat section.
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