• Symbian as we're all very familiar with, was once the 'master smartphone brain' of the world. Today, it's no more in the smartphone rat race and hence this has largely affected the integrity of most mid range phones and non-smartphones. Today, the software option available on most of the low end phones is simply a waste of money. There is not a single phone that can be compared to the lower budget non-touch phones of the early pre-androidan eras.

    Here's what I want to ask:

    1. What have we got to say about this? Have the whole world already turned their backs on non-touch non-qwerty mid range phones?

    2. Can you find that same passion for S60 or S40 featured games or the like today on a non-touchphone?

    3. Why can't we have smaller android phones with a non-qwerty touch-cum-type interface - The ones in the size of the old Nokia 6300/6680/n79 or the new Samsung Metro C3322i - with WiFi, Bluetooth, Watsapp and the basic necessities of an average person - from companies like Samsung, Nokia, etc itself (and not from Micromax, Lava or such 'dukly new' companies?

    P.S.: Is this too much to ask for when people are actually throwing bucks to buy big phones that don't last in this ever changing 'specifications' competition for even 2 months!
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  • Sarathkumar Chandrasekaran

    MemberOct 6, 2013

    My answers:
    1)Yes the world has definitely changed much and all they want is to show of their money power and status.In todays world, All of them want to showw off their status in one or other way and today's phones paves way for it. I dont think a non touch phone(excluding qwerty phone) can compete touch phones.
    2)I see it in a different way. Todays games we play in smartphones is way ahead of old one if we consider the graphics and technology we implement and utilize but all the games are same and passion doesnt change with platforms.
    3)I like the third one but the utilization of andriod in small screens seems to be less.
    It can be handy if I consier it to use for messengers.
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