Do we need a Design/Technology course in Indian Engineering Curriculum?

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Design, technology and the National Curriculum

A group of designers and industrialists, including James Dyson and Paul Smith, have warned education secretary Michael Gove not to remove design and technology from the National Curriculum in its scheduled review next year. The subject is vital to the UK's international competitiveness, they argue. However, many people feel that the subject has lost its focus and become an uneasy mix of 'traditional' wood- and metalwork with some poorly designed computer content. Is it time that the subject was overhauled to reflect modern industrial design and manufacture practices? Or is the basis of the course in hand-skills and simple materials handling still valuable? Should we be teaching CAD, or making cupholders?


From the Engineer Daily Tuesday 15th November 2011

How relevant is this to India? Whatever I have seen of design in the Indian curricula is a hotch potch.
On the other hand, I have also seen that kids in the US are largely clueless about even the basic arithmetic operations and reach for a calculator at the drop of a decimal. Sometimes the hbasic handskills help in creative thinking.

What do CEans feel?


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