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Do traffic signals are programmed in a certain manner?

Question asked by Koushal Patel in #Coffee Room on Jan 15, 2015
Koushal Patel
Koushal Patel Β· Jan 15, 2015
Rank C1 - EXPERT
I may sound meaningless, but I have observed a strange thing which I want to share very eagerly. 😀
I cross almost 15+ signals driving bike to office to and fro each time. Out of 15, there are consecutive 7 signals which always show Green when I drive at a speed of 40 to 45. The traffic remains of medium level at that time. So, I never drive more than 40-45 speed while being on that road. This makes me feel good because I don't have to stop on every stops + My bike must be feeling happy (Lesser number of brake and clutch use, am sure less petrol-loss for the same).

I am very curious to know whether these signals are programmed as per the speed limit rules. (Click Here to see wiki link for speed limit in India.)
OR, is it nothing but my conception or you can say mis-conception. 😀
It does not happen to me on these 7 signals road only. In weekends, when I apply this 40-45 KMS/Hr rule to a long route, I get the same result of being signals green. I am not saying, it works 100% for me, but just asking. 😀 Posted in: #Coffee Room

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