Do Engineers need management degree?

Will management studies in any way help a professional engineer?Is it required for us to have a MBA degree.....What do you all think about this?


  • DEP
    it is purely a matter of choice. I dont really feel that engineers do need an MBA degree..If you wish to pursue a career in management then you should really go for one otherwise simply following the bandwagon isn't going to be of any help.
    What i mean is that these days it has become more of a trend to do B.Tech + MBA than a choice. Reason being "money". None is willling to work. I am not commenting on everyone. Am discussing what i am experiencing and observing these days. People im my college who cannot even manage themselves say that they all aspire to do an MBA from IIM.... I just dont understand why.
    IS anyone getting my point...please post your comments.I find this an intersting topic to discuss but obviously i do need your contribution ,only then a discussion/depate can ensue.
  • Yamini L
    Yamini L
    Yes.. i agree with your a days, the number of students wanting to do MBA is on increase..I m not saying that management is not needed because in every other filed we do require good managers(and that is why we are having management subjects in most of the engineering degrees)..But my point is that is it must for engineers to have a management degree?i dont think so(because good engineers are good managers too)...I'm confused and that is why i had raised this question...
  • gohm
    Dep & Miniy,

    I agree with your posts. Mba would help if you were managing engineers. Just like any degree, it would not make one more/less talented & skilled in the field. That comes from drive. I would disagree though that good engineers make good managers as there are different skill sets involved.
  • just2rock
    Managing talent and innovation all togetherly come from oneself's deep insight.Many companies like Tata Steel,GE and many more big technology giants dosent hire MBA'ians from outside world.Rather they believe and mould their own talented Engineer's to be its manager on board.

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  • Prasad Ajinkya
    Prasad Ajinkya
    Miniy, please redefine the scope of your question. Do you want to do an MBA but still remain in the core engineering field? Or do you want to generalize as an MBA and move away from the technical field?

    MBA can help you do both, heres how -

    1. If you specialize in a different stream altogether instead of a more technical management field, then you can actually change your job ... you profession. So lets say, you are a programmer in a big IT firm, post MBA you could be an analyst in a financial firm

    2. About managing engineers - I have seen many umpteen number of times when an engineer does not look at the business aspects of technology. Sad to say this but its true ... the engineer is oblivious of the application of a new technology, but rather is obsessed with trying out the new technology. In this context, its always necessary to have an MBA who can talk both business and tech sitting on top of techies.
  • Yamini L
    Yamini L
    Actually,I wanted to do MBA and still would like to remain in the engineering field.......
  • Prasad Ajinkya
    Prasad Ajinkya
    Ok. Then I am assuming that you wish to do an MBA to understand the business aspects of your technology. Or let me guess (I am only doing a shot in the dark here) ... you plan to do management of projects, et al. I would say, that an management degree would come helpful.
  • Ashraf HZ
    Ashraf HZ
    I personally plan to take MBA some point in the future, specializing in International Business. That would be useful if you plan to collaborate with other engineers or people from other trades around the world regarding a project or so 😀
  • Anil Jain
    Anil Jain
    Actually,I wanted to do MBA and still would like to remain in the engineering field.......
    Its a matter of discussion and my 2 cents for this is:

    1. You have perused your graduation in some engineering subject. In engineering you were taught to do things using technical logic.
    2. In management schools, they will teach you how to utilize your technical knowledge into more meaningful/effective market.

    Management studies teach us how to improve/utilize our knowledge (may be engineering knowledge or may be accounts knowledge). So If one will do Management in addition to technical knowledge, there is nothing better then that.

  • Ankita Katdare
    Ankita Katdare
    @miniy: thanks for starting this topic.

    As kidakaka & gohm has said, we can't say that, good engineers will be good managers.
    Moreover, MBA isn't a necessity (the way people term it now-a-days)
    Students are opting for MBA only because they think it will get them a highway which let's them climb the corporate ladder a little faster than others. It's a common notion that MBA = High pay.

    I guess, that's the reason why most employed engineers keep complaining about bad project managers.

    What do you think?
  • cooltwins
    I do not think an engineering degree HAS to be followed with a MBA degree. but that does not mean i'm against an MBA degree. actually i'm totally for an MBA degree myself, i wish to get one too, but that is not because there is some rule that engineering degree is to be followed up with MBA or that MBA grads get a very high pay.

    it is all about the passion.

    the moment i joined my engineering course i was so happy and proud to be an engineer, but thanks to the present system of education i never got to know anything outside the book. i don't think i ever qualified to be a good engineer. And with that kind of education i don't think I’m gonna rock in any core field and software jobs are just not for me.

    That is just the kind of life I wanted. Challenges every day. No need to by-heart anything. “Act according to your instincts and wait for the results” kind of life. I want to be an entrepreneur. And so I want to do an MBA from some really good B-school

    And if people want to do it at IIM it is surely not because they want a better pay or something. People who go to study at IIM rarely get satisfied with the job. They want to venture out into the markets and prove their mettle their. They mostly end up starting their own business. ( read "stay hungry stay foolish" by rashmi bhansal. its shows how many grads from IIMA take a job and leave it within 6 months or so and start their own show)

    MBA is a wonderful thing, team it up with your technical knowledge ( no matter, how little) it will be an awesome combination. BUT it is not a must. again it is about the passion you have.
  • cooltwins
    Its a matter of discussion and my 2 cents for this is:

    Management studies teach us how to improve/utilize our knowledge (may be engineering knowledge or may be accounts knowledge). So If one will do Management in addition to technical knowledge, there is nothing better then that.

    yeah i agree. it does take you a level higher but in a different direction.
  • apurwa
    i really appreciate all ideas and want to give conclusion that
    if u want to set up Ur business or increasing salary aftr engineering then,of course u hv to be opt for management degree.
    if u want to be acquire complete technical knowledge,u should opt for further engineering courses which gives specialization.
    and in both case u can opt for management degree......
  • Nikita Mankar
    Nikita Mankar
    There are enough of management students , so i dont think there is any need of engineering students to study management.

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