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@ankit_rawat • 02 Sep, 2010
hello moderator,

sir i m pursuing btech in it field. Now i m in 3rd year.Can u suggest me whether certificate matters in the incampus or offcampus placements? I have done java course from tcs. Now i m thinking to go for networking course and after that .net course. Now tell me whether i should go for these courses so as to make my concepts stronger?????
@Manish Goyal • 03 Sep, 2010 Re: need help from mod

sorry i can't stop myself from replying on this

first java then networking then .net

I am not able to digest this
@ankit_rawat • 03 Sep, 2010 Re: need help from mod

sorry i can't stop myself from replying on this

first java then networking then .net

I am not able to digest this

bro i love hacking kind of stuff thats y i go for networking. Its just ofr fun. Basically i go for .net now because i know java is too vast and interviewer can ask bit difficult question from that, so now i m thinking to opt .net now. hey u r in which year???? n have u done any certificate course???
@Kaustubh Katdare • 03 Sep, 2010 If you're enrolling for various courses out of interest and passion - then that's a good thing. However, I do not like the 'so called practical' attitude that since JAVA is vast (and difficult) you'd enroll for .Net course. If you're thinking that .Net is simpler and not as vast as JAVA - you're wrong. Most of the fresh graduates interviews are not based on any one technology. There are thousands of candidates out there who're experts in JAVA but have been working on .Net. The IT industry may offer you anything and you'll have to be prepared for that.

Instead, why not focus on ONE thing that you're interested in and are good at? For example, if you're good at JAVA, then why not try be more confident with JAVA than spending time learning .Net? Of course, you can master the basics of .Net and tell the interviewers the fact: Your interest is JAVA and you know .Net.

Do certificates matter in campus interview? Yes and No. Yes because it shows your interest in learning new things and your knowledge. No because if you can't answer related questions (mostly because you opted for course only to impress the interviewer), the interviewer surely knows what's on your mind. You can't play tricks with the interviewers just to 'grab that job somehow'.

Be good at one thing and be confident about it.
@ankit_rawat • 03 Sep, 2010 thnx a lot sir for ur precious time.I know .net is also vast in contrast with java but java is more difficult than .net, i think u r agree with this?? So wat should i do nxt tell me. Whether should i go for java and make my topic more clearer and stronger or whether i have to go for .net and completely forget java and dont show my certificate of java in placement time. I need ur help bro.😡😡
@Kaustubh Katdare • 03 Sep, 2010 I've tons of friends who say JAVA is easier to understand than .Net. Then there are others who say otherwise. I think it's more of personal choice.

What should you do next? You decide! We can only give you guidelines, but will never take decisions for you. If you're comfortable with .Net; go for it. The most ideal way to learn any language is by trying to write a simple software using it. Why don't you pick up an idea from our project ideas section for yourself and start working on it. I bet your understanding of the language will quadruple!

You can show certificates, but be prepared to answer questions based on the technology you're certified in. If you can't answer the obvious questions; it may go against you. But if you can answer them properly, it will be a very big added advantage. Evaluate your preparation level and take a decision.
@bohar • 03 Sep, 2010 if you are professional in java then you have to need to done the .net language because java is used only for desktop application but .net is used for desktop as well as for web applications.this can possible if you would like to programmer.............
i am also doing training in .net language ..............

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